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Loans from $5,000 to $100,000 for your small business


Cash flow. It's one of the biggest challenges small businesses face. With a stagnant/stringent credit market, what's a small business to do?


LOANS FROM $5,000.00 to $100,000.00

We're a web-based government-regulated small business lender that enables small businesses to apply for a small business loan, in a very high-tech, low-touch way. The result? Freedom from cash flow woes and tremendous savings for you (the borrower) all because we look at the big picture.

We are an alternative to credit cards, merchant cash advances and bank loans, with no hidden fees or arbitrary rate hikes and automatic daily payments for easy cash flow management.

Our typical customers are storefront businesses that sell a lot of small ticket items to a lot of customers.

Here is what you need to get started

   Own 80% or more of your business (50% if owned with a spouse)

    You must own and operate your business.

   Have been in business for at least 2 years

    You must own a business or have recently purchased a business that has been in operation for a minimum of 2 years.

   Have a separate business bank account

    In other words, your personal bank account must be separate from your business bank account.

  Operate a store-front or internet business that has daily sales

   Examples include florists, food markets, and specialty stores that have steady cash flow and a diversified customer base with a lot of small ticket transactions. Typically our customers have annual sales of at least $300,000.


  • 6 Months most recent bank statements

  • One year msot recent business tax return

  • Voided check

  • Driver's license

IOU Central is funding Retail Businesses at 12.99% from 6 to 12 months up to $100,000.00.

  • Restaurants

  • Auto Repair

  • Beauty Salons and Spas

  • Grocery Stores

  • Gas Stations

  • Services Stations

  • Apparel and Accessories

  • Home Furnishings

  • Florist

  • Sporting Goods

  • Hardware stores

  • Bars

  • Dentist, Doctors, Chiropractors

  • Internet Businesses

Here a examples of businesses we have helped!

Bakery Owners


$23K Helped us add a new oven which has help our sales and profits. 12 month term / low fixed daily payment - We loved it!.

Hotel Owner


$82,000 Funded a marketing campaign and remodel for my hotel that should drive a substantial revenue increase over the next few years.


DOCTOR $70,000

This $70,000 loan helped us expand our office space allowing us to see more patients and grow our practice

Bankless banking, not thankless banking

Borrowing is straightforward, secure and convenient. We don’t spring random fees on you, we don’t hike up your interest rate, we don’t require you to collateralize your loan with personal assets and we don’t need you to write us a novel on why you deserve a loan for your business.

If you’ve operated a relatively healthy business for at least a year, and are looking for a 6 to 12 month loan between $5,000 and $100,000, a small business loan is a great opportunity to get ahead.

We afford you an alternative to credit cards, merchant cash advances and bank loans, with no hidden fees or arbitrary rate hikes and automatic daily payments for easy cash flow management.

Our typical customers are storefront businesses that sell a lot of small ticket items to a lot of customers.

For Example: Restaurants of all kinds, in need of inventory, equipment, food service supplies, furniture, marketing collateral and more. Food, Apparel, Leisure, and Electronics Retailers interested in expanding their business, either physically or by adding personnel.

Service-Based Merchandisers such as Automotive Shops, Dry Cleaners, and Day Spas, whose businesses depend as much on the services rendered as they do on product inventory. Healthcare Providers, Car Washes, Movie Theaters and other Service Providers requiring equipment that is often expensive to both purchase and maintain.


Food For Thought

It took a great deal of organization, planning, vision, and most of all passion, for you to reach this point. Starting any business can be a demanding labor-intensive endeavor but the requirements of owning and operating a restaurant often continue to be near constant. Reaping the rewards of all that hard work starts with the freedom of a cash flow that's not buckled down by restrictions, fees and looming high-interest payments. Today you need to print new menus, repaint the entryway and purchase a cappuccino machine. Tomorrow you need to place orders for produce and dry goods, process payroll for your staff and fix that refrigerator coil. There’s no shortage of investments to make in the day-to-day management of any restaurant, which is precisely why a dependable net income is so important. When you customize your loan request, identifying the length of time in which you’d like to repay your loan is a key component to managing the long-term health of your business. Tools such as our loan calculators can really help to determine what loan duration will make the most sense for you. Not to mention, with daily automated repayments (drawn Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays) and no threat of penalties or fees for paying off your loan early with larger partial payments or even the full balance, you’re better positioned to gauge the state of your affairs at the same constant pace your business is moving.




You don’t have to pay a king’s ransom for peace of mind

You also shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to keep your business on an upswing. Whether you’re a small food merchant, a clothing boutique, an independent book shop or a consumer electronics store, small business loans can be an excellent way to meet the objectives of a business plan focused on growth. Proprietors of retail-based businesses are often faced with disparate cash flow requirements between one stage of development and the next. What was sufficient for the operation of the business today can be significantly less than the net income required tomorrow to incorporate 1,000 more square feet of storefront, the product to stock it and the new employees to manage it. Our loan program is specifically designed to help you expand with confidence, knowing that you can dedicate more of your earnings to the business, while directing its natural maturation on your terms.

Service-based Merchandisers

It’s a lot easier to deliver when your hands aren’t tied

Every successful business owner understands the importance and delicate balance of supply and demand. When you operate a service-based business that also relies on product sales, maintaining a constant inventory is crucial. Businesses such as automotive shops, dry cleaners, day spas and shoe repair shops require a fluid cash flow unencumbered by the restrictions and fees that can make a loan more of a burden than an asset. Who wants to be forced to choose between satisfying a key stock requirement and ensuring that this month’s interest payments can be met? Small business loans are offered with fixed terms and payments just like traditional business loans. They just come free of the upfront application costs, hoops to jump through, paperwork to toil over, high cash advance fees, and early repayment penalties. Add to that the automatic daily payments (drawn Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays) and loan renewal eligibility once you’ve repaid the majority of your original loan, and suddenly you’re back to being your own boss.


Service Providers

You’ve got to spend money to make money

It may seem like it costs a small fortune to go to the doctor or get a blood test, or that the car wash down the street is raking it in hand over fist, or that popcorn costs more every time you go to the movies... but if you own a medical practice, diagnostic laboratory, car wash, or movie theater, you know all too well how expensive the initial investments and maintenance are for the equipment that is vital to the day-to-day operation of these businesses. We can be a perfect resource in supporting small Service Providers, who are distinctly challenged to juggle large expenses against a host of smaller-ticket receivables. There are no upfront costs to apply for a loan (just when every penny counts). Small business owners pay a fraction of the costs for our loan compared to that of a merchant cash advance, and automated daily loan payments help to both regulate your cash flow and take the sting out of a larger monthly payment.


No Up Front Costs

There are no upfront costs to apply for a business loan.

Affordable Rates

We offer businesses financing without the bureaucracy encountered with a bank and at a fraction of the cost of a merchant cash advance.

Daily Loan Repayment

Automated daily repayments means businesses don't have to worry about managing cash flows to make next month's payment.

No Prepayment Penalty

There is no prepayment penalty for paying back the loan early.

Loan Renewals

The business is eligible for a loan renewal once 70% of the loan has been successfully repaid.

What is IOU Central?

IOU Central operates an internet-based lending platform aimed at owner-operated businesses with daily sales. IOU Central allows owner-operated businesses with daily sales (cafes, restaurants, retail stores, dry cleaners, medical offices, franchisees, etc.) to apply for 6 or 12 month loans that range between US$5,000 and US$100,000 and that are repaid daily over the term of the loan directly out of the business’ bank account.

Is IOU Central Regulated?

Our lending activities are subject to federal, state and local regulation. We must comply with applicable state laws, including state lending laws and licensing and disclosure requirements. IOU Central is licensed and/or registered with all states in which we conduct business

Does IOU Central service the loans?

Yes, IOU Central services all business loans originated through its lending platform. In certain cases, the account is sent to an outside collection agency.

What are the fees for borrowers?

IOU Central charges an origination fee to borrowers. The origination fee is 4.95% and will be deducted from the loan proceeds prior to depositing the loan in your bank account. For example, if you receive a $20,000 loan with a 4.95% origination fee of $990.00, you will receive net proceeds of $19,010.

Is IOU Central a Merchant Cash Advance Company?

No, IOU Central is not a merchant cash advance company. Our loans are true business loans with fixed terms and payments.

How much capital can I borrow?

IOU Central offers loans from $5,000 to $100,000 depending on the monthly cash flow of your business.

What is a Loan Guarantee Fee?

Simply put a loan guarantee fee is a fee accessed on a small business loan in relation to the risk associated with each loan. IOU Central loans are not insured against losses by the US Government. This loan guarantee fee is pooled together to offset default risk associated with small business lending.

When It Comes to Loan Fees and Costs, Transparency is Essential

There are no fees for an online loan application. Fees are only charged if your loan application is funded.

Origination Fee
So your loan has been funded, congratulations! By now you’ve experienced the ease, security and euphoria of borrowing money, and you’re wondering what’s in it for us. Well, the answer is 4.95%.
At the time your loan is funded, a one-time “origination” fee of 4.95% will be subtracted from the total loan amount prior to arriving in your bank account. For example, if you borrow $15,000, a fee of $742.50 would be subtracted from the loan, and $14,257.50 would be deposited in your account.

Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee:
Part of the beauty is that all the cards are on the table, and everyone gets to play a fair hand. In keeping, we know that you’ll make good on your loan terms by ensuring your bank account is sufficiently funded when the daily loan payments are processed. If for some reason your daily loan payment fails due to insufficient funds, we’ll charge you a $25 NSF Fee. If you close or change your bank account, be sure to tell us avoiding pointless fees and penalties is one more reason we’re all here in the first place!

Processing Fee
If you happen to fall behind on your daily payments, which we hope never happens... and you opt to make a payment by check, you will be charged a $10 check processing fee.

Guarantee Fee

A loan guarantee fee is a fee accessed on a small business loan in relation to the risk associated with each loan. IOU Central loans are not insured against losses by the US Government. This loan guarantee fee is pooled together to offset default risk associated with small business lending.


Call us today at 901-217-2165 and we can calculate your payments or we can supply them via email.

Extremely Simple Underwriting

Get a decision on your application in 48 to72 hrs

See how we compare...

  Bank Loan Merchant Advance IOU Central Loan
Government Regulated Loan Yes No Yes
Low Documentation Required No Yes Yes
Collateral-Free Loan No No Yes
Personal Guaranty Yes No Yes
Fast Decision Time No Yes Yes
Affordable Interest Rates Yes No Yes
Automated Repayment System No Yes Yes
Accessible to Many Businesses No Yes Yes
Prompt Payments Can Improve Credit Yes No Yes

Get Funds within 1  week

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 6 months bank statements are required with this application for an offer, 2 years tax returns, Driver's License and voided check are required for underwriting. Use our email address or secured fax 866-433-1731 to forward your bank statements when submitting your application.

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