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Business Owners and Entrepreneurs,

Are you tired of joining associations, business groups and small business councils and getting nothing in return for your dues? Do you want to join a group that is about helping you grow your business and making money instead of just holding hands and making contacts? If you want to market your business to the public and make sells, The Entrepreneurs Network is your answer. Our focus is to help you get your business name and business model in front of the people who need your services, and who are ready to pay for them. Memphis Software has been around since 1995, and we have helped hundreds of companies grow and develop with the products we sell and our unique and aggressive advertising approach for only $89.00 a month. Memphis Software Development Company is offering you an unbeatable business relationship and our services at a discounted rate:

  1. Click Here to get a FREE Credit Card Terminal or Software to accept credit cards for your goods or services.

  2. Click Here for a FREE professional website to promote your business with 1st month FREE hosting.

  3. Click Here for Health Benefit Plans for you, your employees, and your families.

  4. Click Here to receive a $50.00 discount on our Business Starter Package.

  5. Click Here to receive a 5% discount on our Automated Dialer Marketing System every time you use it 

  6. Click Here for up to 5,000 sales leads a month so you can market your company to everyone.

  7. Click Here for a 10% across the board discount on all your printing needs

  8. Click Here for a 10% discount on the custom design all business cards and post cards

  9. Click Here for a 10% discount on all computer repairs and upgrades and 5% on all computer sales

  10. Click Here for a 10% discount on all Internet based system repairs (Cross Loop) 

  11. Click Here for a 10% discount on all logo digitization for embroidery 

  12. Click Here to apply for SMALL BUSINESS LOANS with 72hr decision 

  13. Click Here to get a Fax number with no dedicated phone line FREE for 30 days 

  14. Click Here to get a 2% discount on Automated teller machines to make sure your customers have access to money 

  15. Click Here to acquire a Point of Sales Systems with FREE Credit Card processing software & $50.00 rebate 

  16. Click Here for discounts on the No Credit Check Financing Program to finance your customer's purchases.

  17. Click Here for SPAM FREE EMAIL BLAST to market your business to the world.

  18. Click Here for a $50.00 rebate on our Small Business phone setup will installation and programming. 

  19. Click Here for a $50.00 rebate on all Security Camera setups that monitor and record your business or home. 

  20. Click Here for access to all the Legal documents you need to start and setup your business in one place.

  21. Click Here to Get a FREE D-U-N-S Number to create business credit and apply for government contracts.  (required)

  22. Click Here to get a trial version of ursomobile text message advertising.

We have brought together everything you need to start your new business or grow your existing business. We already have the best prices available and for our network members we even give greater discounts. If you are serous about building a business so you can support your family then we want you in our network. You have to put money in a business to get money out, and we are providing you with UNLIMITED FREE LEADS to help you do so. Our leads come in the following categories:

  • All existing business in any state

  • All New Business phone listings in any area code (some limitations apply)

  • All New business phone listings in 601-615-662-731-870-and 901 area codes (This entire region)

  • All New Business Licenses in Shelby County

  • All New Marriage Licenses in Shelby County

  • All New Memphis Light Gas and Water new hook-ups

  • All New Gwinnett County Ga. business leads

  • All New Texas business leads

  • All New Restaurants Nationwide

To see samples of our leads use this link

These leads can be pulled by profession, zip, area code, or SIC code with phone numbers so our automated dialer can call for you, send postcards or use door hangers to convey your information to the public. Customers will not call you if they don't know you are open, using our system they will. We offer printing solutions with your network discount to help you get the word out.

The benefits and discounts listed above are yours for only $89.95 a month for 12 consecutive months, not a one time fee of $160.00 like our competitors. Potential customers mean potential sales, and neither Chamber is helping you find customers. Yes over time we are more expensive however with the leads we provide you can increase your sales dramatically and they are label ready no typing. Grow your business faster with our ready made customer base and little out of pocket expense.

We offer FREE software to help all members communicate with each other and their customers. Use these links as you need to. 

  • Cross Loop - gives us access to help fix your computer remotely via Internet

  • Skype - allows you to communicate over the Internet Free audio and video (camera required for video calls)

  • Adobe Reader - allows you to open and read PDF files

  • Google Earth - Never get lost again map out your customer stops with directions

  • Yahoo Mail - FREE Email account to communicate with your customers

  • Open Office - Compatible with Micro Soft Office and it's FREE

  • Google voice - Have a FREE business number for your customers to call you

  • Java Script to help your computer access network protocols

  • Flash Player to help you watch video signals

  • Avery label maker to do your mailing labels (Microsoft Office Required)

  • Magic Jack for real time office number for customers to call you all you need is a regular phone

  • Staples get your office products at a good price delivered to you free

  • Get postage, and mailing supplies delivered free to your office or home

  • Smart Fax to have the ability to send and receive faxes without a dedicated line

  • A reloadable debit card to pay commissions to your employees nationwide or use it to pay bills for your company

      Download Skype Beta       Get Adobe Reader              



Our expertise is using what's available to your advantage while always looking at a combination of new technology and programming to make our efforts more effective at an affordable price. WE LEAD THE WAY!

We also offer our members a FREE marketing review including SECRET SHOPPER. We believe if you utilizing the services we offer i.e. mailing list, postcards, automated dialer, door hangers, and email broadcast it will help your business grow and increase your sells. Give us a your marketing budget and we can help you design a campaign to help build your business. Video conferencing when you need help with ideas and planning will be available shortly to all members. We will pull from management and all of our team members experiences to help us all grow. The axiom build it and they will come no longer applies, you have to hustle.

In these hard economic times, you need to go get your customers and not wait for them to call you. Waiting can result in these signs of the times.


Memphis Software Development Company will do everything we can to help you succeed and avoid those signs. JOIN US AND REAP THE BENEFITS! A one year self renewing contract is required and all payments must be paid automatically via credit or debit card.



Growth in sales is your target and we will provide everything you need using our network, now the decision is yours. Do you want the same old lip service you get from the other associations or do you want to move into the 21st century mode of doing business and make money? The application to get started is below, your move.


Business Owner,
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Always check out the people you do business with at the Better Business Bureau


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