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Nationwide and Local Sales Leads for Direct Mail Marketing


Memphis Software Development Company Sales Lead Program

We can provide you with a potential customers list to target your marketing, manage your advertising budget and get you the sales results you want. We target your core customers by refining your search for leads using data compilation. Look at our many variable nationwide databases to find your potential customers.

·         Businesses w/Email Addresses

Target these businesses by email address AND postal address making this a true multi-channel B2B database.

·         Small business owners

These small businesses have a great demand for products and services in order to remain state-of-the-art and maintain their existence. They are concerned with products that help them stay ahead of their competition and efficiently serve their customers making them great prospects for conferences and seminars, credit cards, financial offers, travel, business publications and more.

·         Small businesses

Businesses with under 100 employees. These small businesses have a great demand for products and services in order to remain state-of-the-art and maintain their existence. They are concerned with products that help them stay ahead of their competition and efficiently serve their customers making them great prospects for conferences and seminars, credit cards, financial offers, travel, business publications and more.

·         New businesses

When a new business opens its doors, it's also a new door opening up for you - a great opportunity to develop a lasting and prosperous relationship. There are so many things they need from computers and office supplies to insurance or payroll services. Your product or service may be just what they're looking for - at a time when they really need your help.

·         Manufacturers

US corporations and businesses in the manufacturing industry including Food Products, Tobacco, Textiles, Apparel, Lumber, Furniture, Paper, Printing, Chemicals, Petroleum, Rubber, Plastics, Leather, Metal, Machinery, Electronics, and Transportation. They are great prospects for manufacturing catalogs and industry publications; office supplies and equipment; technology products (including computer hardware & software); employee training programs; trade shows; marketing; and, financial and professional services.

·         Accountants and CPAs

This database includes professionals that perform accounting, auditing, tax and consulting. With almost every state requiring CPAs and public accountants to continue their education, they are a great target audience for continuing education offers as well as financial publications, tax law, accounting software and other offers pertaining to their field.

·         Contractors

Many residential, industrial and commercial contractors work as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, pipe fitters, painters, concrete workers, or even more specialized such as framers, roofers or structural.  They are always looking for goods and services that will increase their quality of work and respond to various offers such as wireless communication, trade publications, education and training and more.

·         Real Estate Agents

These self-motivated professionals are community experts when it comes to their clients' needs and budgets. They are knowledgeable on everything from local zoning and tax laws to décor and finding the right financial lender for their buyers and sellers. Various products and services help these individuals accomplish their jobs such as seminars, conferences, office supplies, law services technology offers, publications and much more.

·         Key decision makers

Our key decision-makers database includes professional titles such as business owners, partners, managers, C-level executives, and more. Search by Primary SIC description to target these individuals with offers such as business services, computer hardware/software, telecommunications, online services, business travel and much more.

·         Large businesses

Businesses with more than 100 employees.

·         Wholesalers/Distributors

US corporations and businesses that deal in volume and are used to handling bulk materials and orders. Wholesalers are excellent prospects for equipment and supplies, real estate, management & professional services, insurance, human resources, personal and professional development, travel, professional services, computer hardware and software products, office supplies, travel, books, publications, mail order catalogs, high ticket gifts, financial services and telecommunications.

·         Physicians

Our Physicians Database is comprised of dedicated individuals who want their patients to tell them where it hurts and are committed to finding the best care and treatment available. They are no strangers to long hours and demanding schedules making them the best candidates for direct mail, online and email offers pertaining to travel, golf, memberships, medical supplies, uniforms, credit cards, apparel, entertainment and more.

·         Businesses with websites

These businesses have joined the online world and are eager to promote their products and services. They are looking for office supplies, large appliances, insurance, investment, beverage and food providers, building and lawn maintenance services and much more.

·         Professionals

The Professionals Database allows you to target the niche audience for the particular offer by combining their job with other selections such as income, ethnicity, gender, lifestyle interests etc. These professionals are prime candidates for all banking offers, fundraisers, general merchandise, business opportunities, self-improvement, CD and music clubs, wireless communications, catalogs, memberships, law services, travel and entertainment offers, credit cards, etc.

·         Attorneys

·         Insurance agents

Salespeople who help individuals, families, and businesses select insurance policies that provide the best protection for their lives, health, and property. Insurance agents rely on contacts in their community and referrals for policy sales. They are great prospects for online and direct mail offers for seminars, travel, continuing education, investments and more.

·         Retailers

Retail locations including segments such as sporting goods, women's clothing, furniture, auto and home supply, and more, all throughout the United States. They are receptive to various offers including office products, computer products, financial services, telecommunication services and more.

·         Non-profit organizations

Our Non-profit database is full of non-profit, tax-exempt organizations that raise money for the museums, religious institutions, education, politics and more.


200 million consumer and homeowner sales leads

Select by: Any geographic area, age, gender, income, home value, home owners/renters and length of residence.

Other Consumer Databases:

·         Homeowner

Owning a home is a big responsibility. With the need to protect their investment as well as their financial security, homeowners have great interest in a wide range of offers directed toward their homes and families. They are great prospects for credit cards, insurance, real estate, home security, home equity loans, subscriptions, catalog merchandise, and other consumer goods and services.

·         Wealthy Americans

·         Millionaires

Highly successful individuals with an estimated Household income greater than 1 Million dollars. These millionaires are always looking for Designer Apparel, Designer Accessories, Domestic and International Travel Getaways, Golf Resorts, Golf Accessories, Electronics, Music, Books, Credit Cards, Fundraising to Health, Humanitarian, Political, Children, Environmental, and Animal concerns, Children's Items, Sporting Events, Finance and Investment, Home Decor, Food and Cuisine, Health and Nutritional Products, Outdoor and Recreational Offers.

·         Casino Gamblers

Individuals who enjoy playing games of chance such as: slot machines, craps, roulette, baccarat, blackjack and poker. These risk-takers are great targets for offers on hotels, restaurants, retail shopping, cruise ships and other tourist attractions, concerts, sporting events and more.

·         Stocks and Bond Investors

Our stocks and bonds investors database is comprised of investors who are eager for new investment opportunities and financial advice. They are the perfect prospect for a variety of offers including: investment offers, publications, insurance, financial planning, real estate, retirement offers and more.

·         Active Investors

Our active investors database is comprised of consumers who are fortunate enough to have a lifestyle that includes the discretionary income to invest in a variety of markets. They are perfect candidates for offers such as: investment, non-profit clients, fundraising, travel, health, subscriptions, credit cards, high-tech consumer products, magazines and more.

·         Diet and Weight Loss

Our dieting/weight loss database is comprised of individuals who are constantly looking for new ways to slim down. They are usually compulsive people who do everything from count calories, watch their carbohydrate intake, exercise and take diet supplements. Dieters are a great target audience for catalogs, fitness products, vitamins/herbal supplements, health-related offers, memberships, health club memberships and more.

·         Magazine Readers

Our magazine readers database is comprised of individuals who enjoy reading anything from hard-hitting news resources to the tabloids. These magazine readers respond well to direct mail and online offers for anything from books to travel to finance.

·         Real Estate Investors

Our real estate investors database is full of investors as well as real estate professionals who actively research the housing market for attractive offers and foreclosures. These buyers and sellers are always looking for products and services relating to the housing market industry such as business opportunity offers, self-improvement offers, sales seminars, credit card offers, automobile offers, travel, insurance and more.

·         Golfers

Our golfers database is comprised of affluent people who either think they golf like a pro or just want to! They are a great target audience for golf-related offers, apparel, general merchandise, travel, food/wine, gifts, health/fitness products, memberships, music, catalogs, magazine/books, outdoor offers, entertainment and more. Fore!

·         Runners and Joggers

Our runners & joggers database is comprised of active individuals who enjoy the physical and mental health-related benefits of exercise. Whether they are running for leisure or in a competitive marathon, these consumers are excellent prospects for online and direct mail offers pertaining to this sport such as: equipment, apparel, travel, entertainment and more.

·         Cruise Travelers

Consumers who like to see the world over the high seas while enjoying the luxuries and amenities of a cruise line. Cruising is a major part of the tourism industry and the consumers who are a part of it are great prospects for online and catalog offers associated with cruises, hotel/resort coupons, timeshares, car rentals, discount vacation clubs, golf vacation packages, domestic and foreign travel, apparel, luggage and more.

·         Boat Owners

Successful individuals who use boats such as speed boats or house boats to travel, fish, water ski, or enjoy other popular activities. These prospects are interested in equipment, storage and safety and belong to activity-related organizations and associations. Anchors aweigh!

·         Camping / Hiking

These individuals leave their homes to explore the great outdoors by day and retire to their tent, cabin or camper at night. These consumers are looking for equipment, campsites and vacation spots that they can meet all of their vacationing needs while becoming one with nature.

·         Craft

Creative thinking consumers who are always looking for the best deals to re-stock their craft and hobby supplies. They are the perfect prospect for any offers relating to their interest including supplies, discount offers, catalogs & magazine subscriptions, DIY offers and more.

·         Fishing Enthusiasts

Consumers who find nothing more relaxing than the open waters. These prospects are the perfect catch for any consumer offer such as fishing and boat supplies, outdoor offers, credit cards, wireless/technology offers, electronics, self-improvement, travel, discount offers, catalog and magazine subscriptions and more!

·         Gardening

Green thumb consumers who love to get their hands dirty and watch their hard work flourish into a work of art. From residential to commercial, these individuals are great targets for products and services that can help them achieve their gardening goals.

·         Hunting Enthusiasts

Tenacious individuals who take to the great outdoors in pursuit of wildlife for food or recreation. They are great prospects for products and services such as equipment, licenses, dog breeding, and travel.

·         Pet Owners

Friendly individuals who treat their pets like family members and are willing to spend a lot of money and time to make sure they are happy and healthy. Pet owners are proven direct mail purchasers who look for supplies, accessories, books and catalogs just to name a few.

·         Photography Enthusiasts

Whether these consumers are amateurs taking a picture of Billy's school play or professionals shooting a wedding, these individuals are looking for any product or service that can help make their shot special.

·         R.V. Enthusiasts

Active consumers who own a recreational vehicle such as a camper, fifth wheel, motor home or trailer and are ready to hit the road. These Americans will use their RVs to travel for a brief weekend getaway or full-time living as they tour the country. This demographic includes retirees, individuals and families who respond well to online and direct mail offers for outdoor activities, hotels and resorts, timeshares, car rentals, discount vacations, golf vacation packages, cruises, apparel, luggage, food and more!

·         Skiers

Affluent people that spend endless hours in fresh powder, enjoying mountain after mountain! They are a target audience for ski-related offers, apparel, general merchandise, travel, food and wine, gifts, health/fitness products, memberships, music, catalogs, magazines/books, outdoor offers, entertainment and more.


weekly HOT sales leads

·         New Businesses

When a new business opens its doors, it's also a new door opening up for you - a great opportunity to develop a lasting and prosperous relationship. There are so many things they need from computers and office supplies to insurance or payroll services. Your product or service may be just what they're looking for - at a time when they really need your help.

·         New Homeowners

From furniture and home security systems to gardening services and physicians, new homeowners are eager to establish relationships with businesses in their neighborhood. Be the first to contact them at a time when they're ready, willing and able to buy - within 30 days of their move.

·         New Movers

There is an audience of buyers out there just waiting to buy from you. They are those people who just moved into a new home and there are approximately 240,000 of them each week. That's a lot of potential business for you. And, research shows that within the 30 days of their move, new movers spend more than existing homeowners spend over 6 months.

·         New Parents

New parents are big spenders - taking a large percentage of their disposable income and spending it on their new child. This major life event can make a major difference to your bottom line. One of the fastest growing residential segments today, parents or newborns are shopping for everything from clothes and diapers to furniture and home safety products. They may even be thinking about needing a larger car or a bigger home for their new family.

·         Recently Married

Reach consumers who are starting a new life together. Make them a lifetime customer by reaching them in a timely manner. Showered with gifts, which many times include generous financial contributions, they are walking down their new life path together looking for products and services to get them started. Help them get going in the right direction with your product or service.

·         Recently Divorced

Reach consumers whose divorces have just been finalized and the paperwork has been filed with the court. They are experiencing a major life-changing event that puts these consumers in an active buying cycle. They have a myriad of immediate needs including financial assistance, credit cards, new home, home decor, entertainment, memberships, babysitting, singles clubs, dating sites, automobile, cell phone service, vacation, insurance, household goods, health, exercise, beauty, grooming products and more.

·         Bankruptcy Filers

Our bankruptcy filers database consists 1,500 businesses and 10,000 consumers, per week, who have recently filed for bankruptcy, are looking for a new lease on life and are on the path to fiscal responsibility. Content includes name, address, date of filing, and type of chapter filing.

·         Liens and Judgments

Our Liens & Judgments are public record filings, are compiled directly from original source documents and consist of 30,000 businesses and 50,000 consumers per week. Content includes name, address, date of filing, jurisdiction, amount of lien, and date of filing.

Tradition methods of advertising no longer work!

TELEVISION: Too many choices who stays on the same channel?

RADIO: No body listens to one channel with MP3 players and music downloads

NEWSPAPER AD: Do you know anyone who reads the paper and looks for adds?

All phone numbers must be washed through YOUR DO NOT CALL LIST. We are not responsible for any marketing activities you employ on the list we provide.

 We have all the customer leads you need to make your business successful!  

Using our program can help you avoid these troubling signs of the times



 If you wish to research and pull leads using Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC Codes) use this link to review the codes.


Your marketing material can then be mailed to your potential customers to inform and educate them about your business and the services you offer. Using leads gives you a fresh influx of potential customers every week. Marketing and sales is a numbers game, we can help you with the numbers using our leads. If you need marketing material printed please see of custom printing module.


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