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Retail Point of Sale System (POS)

Business Owners,

Do not be mislead, all point of sale systems and software applications are not the same. You need to see the system in operation before you decide which one is best for your needs, our system and software combinations offer Time clock, Inventory, and automated reorder capability. We can help you choose the right system, tailored to your operations and we have expertise, software, and hardware to grow your business.

The Point of Sale Software You Can Depend On!

Affordable, dependable, and powerful point of sale software with a proven track record. Since 1995, we have been providing retailers nationwide with the management tools they need to succeed!


Point Of Sale Accounts Receivable
Inventory Control Accounts Payable
Customer Operations General Ledger


Flexible Enough For Any Retail Store!

No matter what your retail specialty, we have a success story that proves we get the job done! Here are just some of our retail success stories:
Art Gallery
Auto Parts
Eye Glass
Janitorial Supply
Lawn and Garden
Office Supply
Pool and Patio
Record and Tape
Sporting Goods
Sports Cards


Easy to Learn and Operate!

Although it's packed with advanced features, our POS software that was designed with the novice computer user in mind. The extensive use of on screen help facilities provides you with an instant reference manual at the touch of a button. Get up to speed in a snap!


Whether you only need software and a few point of sale peripheral devices, or a complete turn-key system, our account managers can configure a retail point of sale system to meet your needs at a price that meets your budget. Feel free to contact our sales department for a quote and on-line demo. Our Industry Specific Software Packages start at $475.00.

All of our POS systems come complete with FINANCING AVAILABLE and FREE Credit Card Processing software to enable you to conduct credit card, debit card, and check card processing. This software will save you hundreds of dollars in setting up your business. We also offer Free Check Readers if you want to accept checks as payment from your customers. Please note these offers are contingent upon a credit review, application process and acceptance. You must apply using the on-line link we provide below.  


             FREE Authorize Net               FREE PC Charge                  FREE First Data

These programs are the solution to all computer, and Internet based transactions. Quick Books compatible. This software can be modified to have a virtual terminal and can be accessed from any Internet accessible computer with a password. These programs can be added to any website with a shopping cart, however a $5.00 monthly gateway fee will be required. Our discount rate is 1.69% and transaction fee of .23-cent. Your only obligation is the monthly minimum of $25.00 in processing fees, and the statement fee of $5.00 with gateway fee of $5.00 due on the 1st of each month.  The more your customers use their credit, check, and debit cards the less the software will cost you. When you meet your monthly minimum all you pay is your statement, and gateway fee. IT COST YOU NOTHING TO GET STARTED. NO MONEY DOWN! APPLY ON LINE TODAY! 



FREE CR 1000i Check Imager and Software   

You can now accept personal checks with no concerns about returns. Our FREE Check Reader comes with check conversion. You can now accept a check like a credit card and take your funds directly from your customer’s accounts while they are in your establishment. No longer will you have to deal with the inconvenience or cost involved in collecting returned checks. Our discount rate is a very low 1.50% and the transaction fee is .25-cent per check. Your monthly obligation is only a $25.00 monthly minimum in processing fees, and a $10.00 statement fee. (Land line is required) We offer a 48-hour maximum deposit time and no batch fees. The faster you get your money the faster you can spend your money. The more your customers use their check books the less the check reader will cost you. IT COST YOU NOTHING TO GET STARTED. NO MONEY DOWN! APPLY ON LINE TODAY!

Save $349.00 with FREE Check reader and software


If for any reason you have problems completing our on-line application, please complete this QUESTIONER and scan to fax or email it to our offices. We will then complete your application and email it to you for review and acceptance. We can also take your application over the phone, or come to your establishment, please have all requested documents available when you call.

We can provide you with residential and business potential customer lists to market your business or announce it's opening.

We print  the marketing material you need to promote your business to the public like business cards, post cards, door hangers, menus, flyers or brochures.

Create your mailing labels using Avery Label Maker Software



Providing copies of the following documents is necessary for verification purposes. Please fax these copies to our toll free, secured fax number of 866-433-1731, or scan and email them to

1) A copy of your driver’s license to prevent fraud, (Readable copy)

2) A copy of your business license to verify companies legitimacy,

3) A voided check on the account you want for funds deposited in, or Bank letter on letterhead if you have a new account,

Here are our standard rates, shop and compare us to the competition              

                     WE EVEN BEAT THE BANK                                 

  • Visa/MasterCard Qualified Swipe Rate: 1.69%
  • Transaction Fee: .23 cents
  • Debit: 50 cents flat fee (no discount fee but $8.00 monthly access fee required.)
  • Monthly Statement Fee: $5
  • NO application fees
  • NO programming fees
  • NO annual fees
  • NO Batch fees
  • NO monthly "warranty club" fees
  • NO lease or upfront payments of any kind


  • FREE Tech Support


Call us to set an appointment to see how easy our point of sale systems are to operate. We provide complete turnkey systems with training for both businesses and restaurants. Support after the sale is our specialty, with over 250 installed sites, we know point of sale systems. Let us design your next point of sale system. REQUEST AN ON-LINE DEMO OF OUR HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE PRODUCT BUNDLES.

Starter Setup

Mid-Range Setup Full-Setup










Designed for detached cash drawer use.


  IBM standard setup.


  Touch screen system



Modular system without customer pole display.


  Complete this form and a sales representative will contact you to schedule a complete ON-LINE software demo.
Potential Customer Contact Form
Contact Information
Company Name  
FREE Credit Card Processing Software  
Mailing Address  
Daytime Phone Number  
Mobile Phone Number  
Email Address  
Best time to call  



“    Also, I wanted to thank specifically Brad Moore, sales representative for all of his hard work with the sale itself.  He was extremely informative with every aspect of the goods being delivered.  Thank you and I look forward to working with your company in the future.”

Ronita Simon

Miss Jolie Inc.


“It is really nice to hear from you and to have this opportunity to express my thanks to you I am extremely happy with your product I know when I was in the process of buying a pos system it was really confusing  and there was a lot of other systems to chose from I am so lucky in finding TGS .

 Brad you where  really thoughtful  and took the time in answering my questions and any concerns that I had . When I did receive the pos, the tech support did a great job getting me up and running , whenever there were any problems it was taken care of  immediately.

 Your customer service is GREAT and the software is really easy to use I figured it out within a few days.  I had no idea what I was doing, I had never seen any pos software and had no clue what to do.  Between the tech support ,the manual,  the DVD’s,  and you it was really easy.  I give TGS two thumps up and  the best thing about the whole experience with TGS is I also made a few new friends.”

Chuck Capers

C What We Have


 I have appreciated all the work you put into trying to fulfill my requests. You kept in touch with me for almost a year until I was ready for my system.  

You explained everything I was going to receive and the program and work station has fulfilled all of our needs. 

Customer Service people were a great help, every time I called they were more than happy to help me.  Over all I am very glad I bought my workstation from The General Store.”

Mary Crawford

Trader Al's Liquor


 “Everything is going great with the system.  It is working like a charm. Thanks!”

Jay Tanenbaum

Gourmutts Bakery



 We were extremely happy with the interaction we had with you.  Unlike other companies your price quote didn't change because of hidden charges or licensing fees.  We were also very pleased that the computer system was held for us until our business was ready for the system to actually be shipped. 

 Overall I am very pleased with the value of the product received, and you have come through each and every time we asked for information and are an excellent asset to your company.  Thank you for your professional guidance and follow up throughout our point of sale purchasing experience.”


Joseph & Lauren Kelly

Pet Utopia



“Hey Brad, you were great and very helpful to work with.

 TGS is hands down a user friendly program, verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry useful and has a lot of stuff we can use today or in the future, I love it!! 

LaToya White

Opulent Trendz Boutique


 “We opened on June 25th, and things are going well. We are learning TGS and I'm very happy with everything so far.”

Candra Gilbert

Nature Girls


 “Since speaking with your tech support several months back, we are using the system with no problems. “

Hattie McKelvey

Beauty & The Braids


 “I am, at this point, impressed with not only your responsiveness to my questions, but with the overall responsiveness of the company.  I think I've made a good decision, not only for me, but for my company. Tech support is AWESOME! Just thought I'd let you know that we really like this software. The ordering process is smooth and easy, the POS is working right on and we are real pleased.”

Ginger Sparkman

Kip & Nanny’s Smoke Shop


 “Brad and the folks at General Store have been very helpful and efficient with getting us through the process of upgrading our gift shop to a pos system.  We hope to begin next week with going "online" and feel confident that when we have questions, someone will help us through- Thank you.”

Fr Roy Tvrdik

Our Lady of the Island Gift Shop


 As you know I’ve always been extremely satisfied with your POS system.  You have done more than just a job with me.  You have helped me more than I could ever expect and when you couldn’t, you send me to the right department.  It wasn’t for your excellent customer relationship and salesmanship, I would have never purchased the product from you.  I know if you believed in the product, I knew it had to be a superior product.  Every other company that I investigated and considered purchasing a POS from dropped out after 3 months of communication, but you Brad you stuck in there until the sales closed.  This was another reason I purchased the POS.  I knew the last man standing would be the best, and I can see it with your tech support as well.  I know I’ve only had some minor setting up issue, but your men have been on-the-spot.  They are so knowledgeable and polite.  I can see why your POS is one of the best.  You have very talented professionals working there, and, this goes without say, this includes you, which I wanted to point out if you even had a reasonable doubt.”

Ricardo Leanos

RCL Hotel Shops


 “Brad, things are starting to work out well for us and the General Store. I would like to thank you for your assistance. I am finding new things with the system everyday and hope to keep learning.”

Nick Penna

Red Front


 “I am very happy with my General Store program.  Have you had anyone else from Minnesota contact you about The General Store Program?

 Everything at our store is doing great, the computer is very user friendly.”

Mary Crawford

Trader Al’s Liquor


 “Hey Brad,

Great to hear from you! We are starting to really love our system. Truth be told, it has been an “educational” couple of months. The initial set up has taken a little longer than anticipated but that is our fault. Now that we have all of our correct information in the system and most everyone has a grasp on operating it we are starting to see great results. Better customer service, better reporting and best of all… less time tracking inventory and student education lessons. The General Store POS is very user friendly and your Tech support is AWESOME. We have no complaints!

Thanks again!”

Zach Landis

Palatka Music Center


 “Well, as you know, I was over a year in the decision making process for a Grocery Store POS system.  You were always very helpful and willing to answer, or get the answer to all of my questions.  I have not had to call support but a couple of times, where the response time varied from prompt to a little wait.  I highly recommend you and your company.”

Joseph McClellan

Joe Lee McClellan Inc. Supermarkets


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