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Embroidered Uniforms


      Show your company pride and identify your employees to your customers with a professional looking company uniform. Your logo can be shown with pride by having it embroidered on shirts, hats, tee shirts, and jackets.

You can provide your own garment or we can order for you from our distributors. With the current economic situation we are lowering the cost to digitize most logos depending on the intricacies of the logo. The cost to start is $30.00. Your logo embroidery will cost from $5.00 to $10.00 or $1.00 per thousand stitches for each chest patch per garment depending on your logo and $1.00 per line of added text normally your company name.       



                                                          Wave Sandwich Cap  $6.25

                                                  Color Options




  Port Authority Short Sleeve Sport Shirt - $12.25           Port Authority Long Sleeve Sport Shirt - $17.50

                            Color Options                                                                       Color options                    



      Long Sleeve easy care S608 shirt $17.50                         Short Sleeve easy care S508 shirt $17.50

                        Color Options                                                                            Color Options



PT20 Industrial Work Pant $24.99

Color Options


Tall Challenger Jacket TLJ754 $40.25

Color Options


Please fax or email your order form to us and add a 7% tax rate on all purchases

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If you have questions  call us at 901-281-7713
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