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Professional Websites


You can start and market your business on the World Wide Web with our PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE and no large cash payment. You can work from home or office and convey your thoughts and ideas or show and sell your products to the world, without a brick and mortar building and all the bills and headaches that come with it. Open your office or store on the Internet and start your dream TODAY. We do everything for you from building your site, to updates and changes. Now having a website is easy with no confusion or frustration, we do changes and updates in minutes not hours or days. Our templates are commercial grade and make a very good first impression to your clients. Our sites include forms for order placing, information gathering, and are e-commerce capable.

TO BEGIN your website design and construction we require

A) A $15.00 plus tax domain name registration fee if you don't have a domain name.

B) Your choice of our 980 plus templates in three categories, completion of our Design My Site online forms, including your pictures and site content.                                             

C) A signed and completed Service Agreement faxed to our secured fax number,       1-866-433-1731. (THIS MUST BE DONE BEFORE ANY ACTION CAN START)                                                                                       

We will build your site and publish the completed site to the Internet. Once your site is completed our monthly hosting fee will be

1) $0 down $48.00 a month for a 7-page template without flash                                   2) $0 down $60.00 a month for a 7-page template with flash                                       3) $0 down $73.00 a month for a 7-page FULL FLASH template  

                                                 FIRST MONTH IS PRORATED                  

Please choose from our professional grade templates, and complete our service agreement, to get your website design started. We will help you every step of the way. We can use your thoughts and pictures in your site design, the pictures in our templates are interchangeable and your website content can be inputted. If you have any questions please contact us at 901-217-2165 or email at


                       Website Templates                 Templates with Flash             Full Flash Templates

To have a traditional website built could cost you thousands of dollars

Our  websites are proprietary and non-transferable.

*** SSL Certificate for e-commerce only $79.00 a year ***

A 1-year service agreement required

Each web site will consist of the following:

1) a home page and six additional pages,

2) optional Encrypted Order Form or Information Request Form and Payment portal  (Credit Card Terminal Required),

3) seven action buttons,

4) a picture of your logo and company slogan,

5) up to eight additional pictures (our pictures are interchangeable and yours must be     camera ready or Jpeg graphics),

6) text for your subject on each page (250 words or less)

7) Your choice of font's color and size, background's color or pattern from our samples.

8) Three secured email accounts are included.

9) A Internet Website tracker to monitor your potential customer activity and views of your site.

10) Twenty Internet look-up words for all major search engines to locate your website.




Now that you have a new website how do you draw people to it?

Here's how!

Start with 2,000,000 Spam Free emails in 60 different categories to announce your new business for $199.00.

Designing and printing marketing materials to send to potential customers with a link to your new site.

Get list of potential customers to send your new marketing material to with links to your new website.

Call your friends and potential customers using an automated dialer and announce your new website.

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